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Specializing in top-tier scorers,
for whom SAT/ACT prep is different

If you are already a high-scorer, further score gains depend more on improving your performance (technique, strategy, focus, attitude, and execution) and less on attaining more knowledge (of vocab, math, and grammar). Consequently, high-scorers should be looking for an SAT/ACT coach, not just an explainer. An explainer focuses on an SAT problem. An experienced coach (10,000+ hours) focuses on what a missed problem tells him about how to tweak a student's habits of thought. And an experienced coach with thousands of hours of experience working primarily with high-scorers can draw from a substantial repertoire of known issues (and effective strategies that address them), helping those students earn scores required for the most selective colleges.

Your prep plan

Sign up for a 90 minute consult, and I will assess reading, writing and math fundamentals and help you decide which test (SAT or ACT) leverages your students' strengths. We also get to talk about good study habits and sleep habits, which are imperative for laying the foundation for a great score).

How to fix carelessness

1. Stop thinking of homework as being less important, less structured, less engaging etc. than tests. On a four-hour test, you will eventually default back to homework mode--which better be meticulous and efficient. Changing your homework/practice habits means replacing the "practice makes perfect" imperative with "practice makes permanent."

2. Dig deep (and with humility) into the learning opportunities created by careless mistakes, and use what you learn to diagnose and fix your bad habits.

Big Gains

(official score to official score)

Will: 1930 to 2300
Channing: 29 to 34
Caroline: 1690 to 2020
Max: 1600 to 1980
Kendal: 1720 to 2020
Michelle: 29 to 34
Kayla: 1570 to 1880
Jeff: 1810 to 2120
Elena: 1900 to 2250
Leslie: 1650 to 2090
Ishaan: 1830 to 2230
Phillip: 1690 to 2040
Stephen: 1610 to 1970
Nicki: 1500 to 1840
Frances: 1800 to 2210
Sophia: 1740 to 2060
Alex: 1760 to 2210
Peter: 1950 to 2270
Mike: 19 to 26
Rachel: 1830 to 2160


Justin Sigars

SAT Package: 12 hours of private tutoring will:

1. Dramatically increase your score, and

2. Turn you into your own coach

$3995 (my space)
$5995 (your space)

San Francisco (2 blocks from Civic Center BART)

Experience and Other Subjects

Hall of Fame

(single-sitting, official scores)

Adam L. 2400
Kiana S: 2400
Sophia D: 2390
Chet B: 2380
Nathan M: 2380
Dhruv M: 2380
Sarah B: 2370
Jamie S: 2370
Audrey L 2370
Laura I: 2370
Jourdan M: 2370
Audrey L: 2360
Holden L: 2360
Sterling V: 2350
Danny J: 2350
Rebecca S: 2350
Liliana K: 2340
Christopher F: 2340
Paul D: 2340
Molly S: 2340
Chrissy H: 2340
Lauren B: 2330
Olivia E: 2330
Alex W: 2320
Puneeth G: 2320
Varun K: 2320
Kate S: 2320
Alexi R 2310
Jarrod V 2310
Matt P: 2310
Will M: 2300
DJ H: 2300
Rebecca R: 2300
Michelle L: 2300